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Tradition Tuesday 1

July 31, 2012

Have you ever spent some time thinking how much tradition plays a part in our everyday life? Some families purpose to build tradition and heritage. Many others just keep tradition and don’t ever question why or at what cost.

That reminds me of the lady was preparing to cook a ham one day. Her young teenage daughter was helping her. She took the ham out and as was family custom cut off both ends and prepared it putting the largest part in one pot and the ends in a separate pot. Her daughters asked, “Mom, why do you cut the ends off?” Mom replies, “I don’t know exactly but I always have because that’s what my Mom did.” “Does it make it better or change the ham in any way?” asked the daughter. “No, I don’t think so, let’s call my Mother and ask her why she does it” said the Mom. So, the called the Mother and she told them, “well, I always cut the ends off of the ham because that’s the way my Mom did it.” So, the Mom and Daughter, still puzzled, planned to ask the Grand-mother and Great-grandmother, Grandmama, at the next family gathering that was the next week. That week came and once the Family was around the table enjoying a beautifully prepared meal and all the trimmings the Daughter remembered the question she had for her Great-grandmother. She asks, “Grandmama, we were fixing a ham the other day and Mom cut the ends off of the ham. She said she did it because her Mother did it. We called Grandma and she said she did it because you did it. Why did you cut the ends off when you prepared a ham?” Grandmama exclaimed, “I did it because I didn’t have a pot big enough.”

Some traditions should be questioned maybe, others shouldn’t perhaps. What about your family? Do have traditions passed on for generations that you have wondered their origin? Why not find out?

Tradition Tuesday blog post here on the Prepper Chaplain web site is to examine the value of tradition in our lives, help maintain good traditions and help start new traditions that may help to rebuild a good and peaceful society in the case of a societal collapse.

I hope you come back and check out the next Tradition Tuesday and add your comments and suggestion.



Wellness Wednesday 1

July 25, 2012

One of the things we need to consider when prepping for hard times is our nutritional health. Eating beans and rice all the time may not give us what our bodies need for optimum health. Stocking freeze dried vegetables is going to help but other considerations need to be thought out as well.

Vitamins and minerals are a good thing to stock up on as well. I keep a lot of vitamin D3 which is good for a lot of things. Granted when in a SitX setting we may all be getting more sunlight, working to grow and gather food, but D3 is a good supplement for cold season and help shirk any influenza also. I also keep Krill oil with Astaxanthin. This is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acid plus astaxanthin is a wonderful anti-oxidant. I keep cayenne pepper in pill form as well as powder. It is great for so many things especially heart matters. One prominent herbalist used to claim he never lost a heart attack patient because of cayenne. He claimed a tablespoon stirred in a glass of water would revive most anyone having severe heart issue. Keep coming back as I share more of what I stock.

Variety will be important too, for morale and nutrition. Consider dark leafy green vegetables a source of a lot of rich nutrients. Whether stocking canned items or seeds for growing your own. Kale, collards, mustard and similar leafy greens are wonderful. Spinach is another good source of vitamins and minerals. Broccoli and other cruciferous veggies will be important too.

Consider learning to grow sprouts. Sprouts are an awesome source of nutrition and can be grown indoors. The issue here is rinsing. Find the technique to grow with the least amount of water usage for those real hard pressed times. Water will be a precious resource in tough times. I like Easy Sprout and it is what I use most often but I have several Sproutman Hemp bags as well. Did you know that the nutrients in beans can be 40% more bioavailable to your body when soaked overnight. Simple planning ahead for meals the next day may be your greatest nutritional resource.

Check out Sprout People and The Sprout House for more resources. I buy organic sprouts from both places and have wonderful results. They are both great resources for your sprouting needs.

Stay tuned for more on our next Wellness Wednesday.

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