Wellness Wednesday 1

One of the things we need to consider when prepping for hard times is our nutritional health. Eating beans and rice all the time may not give us what our bodies need for optimum health. Stocking freeze dried vegetables is going to help but other considerations need to be thought out as well.

Vitamins and minerals are a good thing to stock up on as well. I keep a lot of vitamin D3 which is good for a lot of things. Granted when in a SitX setting we may all be getting more sunlight, working to grow and gather food, but D3 is a good supplement for cold season and help shirk any influenza also. I also keep Krill oil with Astaxanthin. This is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acid plus astaxanthin is a wonderful anti-oxidant. I keep cayenne pepper in pill form as well as powder. It is great for so many things especially heart matters. One prominent herbalist used to claim he never lost a heart attack patient because of cayenne. He claimed a tablespoon stirred in a glass of water would revive most anyone having severe heart issue. Keep coming back as I share more of what I stock.

Variety will be important too, for morale and nutrition. Consider dark leafy green vegetables a source of a lot of rich nutrients. Whether stocking canned items or seeds for growing your own. Kale, collards, mustard and similar leafy greens are wonderful. Spinach is another good source of vitamins and minerals. Broccoli and other cruciferous veggies will be important too.

Consider learning to grow sprouts. Sprouts are an awesome source of nutrition and can be grown indoors. The issue here is rinsing. Find the technique to grow with the least amount of water usage for those real hard pressed times. Water will be a precious resource in tough times. I like Easy Sprout and it is what I use most often but I have several Sproutman Hemp bags as well. Did you know that the nutrients in beans can be 40% more bioavailable to your body when soaked overnight. Simple planning ahead for meals the next day may be your greatest nutritional resource.

Check out Sprout People and The Sprout House for more resources. I buy organic sprouts from both places and have wonderful results. They are both great resources for your sprouting needs.

Stay tuned for more on our next Wellness Wednesday.

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Morale Monday 1

So, let’s suppose we’re in a bug-in or bug-out situation, we are hunkered down after dark and we have remembered to darken all our windows. We have someone on guard duty and we’ve pretty well secured everything for now. What now? Don’t get stressed about the quiet. What are we going to do to keep morale up in the everyday times, perhaps in the dark? It’s so much different than before, are you prepared for this?

Morale will be a tough thing for us and for others. If you have family around things are going to get tight. If there are kids around, you need to be prepared.

First, be truthful with everyone about the times you’re in. Be realistic even with the kids on their level. Everything has changed and it may be this way for a while now. Be real about it.

Staying busy can help so assign jobs and duties. Even small things help others to believe they are helping and being busy helps keeps the mind off of the yucky stuff.

Prep some playing cards, board games and other things to keep busy when the chores are all done and you’re hunkered down for the night. Light safety may be a concern so plan ahead with some talking games or interesting stories you can share in complete darkness. If you have a book of stories you could read it before dark to prepare to share a story with the others after dark.

Children will do well with age appropriate flash cards, learning games and the like. If they are addicted to video games now, you may have some issues replacing that addiction so think ahead and prepare for individual disasters too. Perhaps now is the time to rethink where they are at with all their electronic gadgets as far as dependency. Hint: teach kids to read a map and not just work the GPS.

Keep frustration at bay with yourself and hopefully you can be an encourager in the tough times. Learn now how best to deal with you heaviest frustrations. Meditation works for some while others need some scream therapy. Most importantly, deal with it yourself and don’t take it out on others.

I hope this starts the ball rolling in your court as all of us deal with things differently. Think ahead for your family, tribe or community and be able to help keep morale as high as possible in the toughest times.

Blessings on your Journey,


The Mystical Universe – Experience It – Part Five

First I want to say my prayers go out for all those affected by the shooting in Colorado. What a horrific thing.

Now, in continuation of this week’s theme let’s wrap it up. My intent for the theme this week was to introduce some to possibilities that they may not have considered. I hope you will continue to look into complementary and alternative therapies as a preparation for future events.

OK, if you have been around all week, we’ve touched on some things you may not have experienced before. What do you think? Has it opened any doors. Maybe it’s taken you to a new level with how open your mind is? Joyce Meyer says, new level, new devil. There are always skeptics to anything, but this is a Prepper Blog. We’re about preparing for things to happen that could be devastating to every aspect of our life. If we open our minds and discover something that may one day heal us or even save our lives, who cares what others think.

OK, more mystical stuff, if you want to call it that. Perhaps it’s just stuff that we haven’t be open to thinking about before and as such, as mystery to us.

Hypnosis  – wooo, you’ve done it now Brother Jim, you’ve crossed the line. Oh, get over it. The country’s medical system has recognized hypnosis as beneficial since 1959.
Hypnosis can be awesome when dealing with pain, whether it’s acute or chronic. Done right it can help alleviate a lot of pain and ease the journey of the sufferer. It can also help deal with how we handle stressful situation. How stressful do you think a SitX event is going to be. Hypnosis helps with stamina as well as helps you relax when you can rest from a hard day’s work. What, do you not think you’ll be working harder in a powerless situation? Every day will be spent getting food and protecting what you have.

Meditation is a wonderful way to relax and help focus. Think with me for a minute, in a post power world where there is no rule of law, every day could be a fight for a while. That stress is going to require focus and it’s real hard to focus if your adrenalin has been pumping full strength for more than just a little while. Meditation can quickly reduce stress and bring your bodily function more into line where you can center your attention on more important needs. It doesn’t take long to do either.

OK, I’ve gone far enough. This is just a start on course to how to help heal you and others plus keep yourself healthy in a stressful, chaotic world. Oh, perhaps these may be able to help you today. Yes! Plus, waiting until you’re in the middle of a chaotic position isn’t the time to learn new life-saving skills. That’s what Prepping is all about.

Thinking about your Preps, Body, Mind and Spirit!