The Mystical Universe – Experience It – Part Four

July 19, 2012

(Disclaimer – this isn’t for everyone. Belief can stop the flow. If you have no desire to experience the marvelous natural bodily energy within you, come back next week. We’ll talk about something else. Peace!)

So, Brother Jim, what’s all this Mystical Stuff got to do with Prepping?

Glad you asked. One of the things that will disappear quickly if we have a SitX event is what we have come to know as modern medicine. Now, I’m not against modern medicine though I do believe it has been corrupted and made into a big business machine. The technology we have had to fix hearts, replace hips, repair nerves and ward off bacterial infections is quite amazing. Without these things certainly a lot of people would experience a lot less quality of life.

If a SitX happens and power is lost, technology is destroyed and/or a virus or bacterial agent attacks massive amounts of people, things will change drastically. Medicine as we know it will be thrown back into unknown places much like every other technology we have. The allopathic style of medicine has only been around for a short time and people will have to revert back to traditional, now called complementary and alternative, medicine. There are things that work. There are practices that have worked for centuries before we got to the modern era. Surely they may not have worked on everything and I agree antibiotics were a major step forward for the entire world. With that said some of the old types of practices included working with the body’s natural energies. I would love for everyone to experience more of what our bodies are capable of experiencing. Some energetic practices have only been discovered in the past decades or perhaps it is that they have been rediscovered since we’ve been out of touch with natural things since the mechanical and industrial revolutions.

I have tried many energy therapies and have settled on just a few that have proven to work for me. Are they cures? No! They are therapies that HELP.

I believe God designed these bodies to heal themselves. Our trouble is that we abuse them so much that we rob that ability and henceforth suffer for our lack of knowledge. If we knew better, wouldn’t we stop the abuse? Sadly to say, our society has proven that not to be the case.

I want to leave you today with several therapies I use on a regular basis. If you wish to discuss them, let’s do that. If you want to find out more them. The internet is a marvelous resource. If I can help, please let me know.

Reiki is an energy healing art that was developed after an enlightening of a spiritual man. He was able to share and teach others to share it right after a very devastating earthquake in Japan early in the 20th century. I believe it is a manifestation of Source energy and given as a gift to all who believe. It uses energy movement through the hands and is great for stress relief and a multitude of issues.

Reflexology is an ancient gift of foot, hand and ear manipulation to stir up the body’s energy in reflex form to stimulate the body to heal a particular ailment or energy blockage. The most popular form is foot reflexology and if nothing else it stimulates a wonderful relaxation response.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a relatively new technique founded on ancient principles. Developed in last couple of decades, EFT is a series of tapping on meridian points and affirmative statements around an emotion involved in a discomfort or dis-ease. It is quite remarkable and has been further developed into other therapies showing incredible results as well. Tapping, as EFT as come to be called, is beneficial for so many things and in a SitX event can been crucial to keeping calm, cool and collected.

Well, there are more I want to share so come back tomorrow and we’ll look into more therapies I have proven for myself helps keep our wits, control pain and relieve stress.

See you then.




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