The Mystical Universe – Experience It – Part Three

July 18, 2012

(Disclaimer – this isn’t for everyone. Un-Belief can stop the flow. If you have no desire to experience the marvelous natural bodily energy within you, come back next week. We’ll talk about something else. Peace!)

Howdy Y’all

I’m so glad you came. We’re on part three of The Mystic Universe – Experience It. Here’s Part One and Part Two

You may want to go back and check them out. It doesn’t take long, promise.

On to part three. I hope I don’t loose any of you here because this is where it gets exciting. Freaky but exciting.

Let’s jump right into playing with the energy we’ve felt the last two days. If you haven’t felt anything, don’t fret. Keep trying if you want. If you don’t believe or embrace this, that’s OK too. If you want to feel the energy but can’t, I can help. Email me personally or post down below and I’ll tell you more you can try.

Hold your hands out in front of you, very relaxed and just shake them. Shake all your fingers. Place one palm next to the other palm, give them a little pressure. Press them together tightly but don’t strain yourself and start rubbing your hands together like you’re warming them up. Do this about a minute and stop. Now, shake them like you did before, shake them to your sides. Great! Now, flatten your hands out with your fingers together but loosely and bring them palm towards palm together but NOT touching. Hold them about an inch and a half from each other, not touching. Just hold it. Feel a sensation. Feel it more. Now, slowly pull your hands apart a little. Let the sensation grow. Separate your fingers ever so slightly relaxing them. Pull them apart a little more and now start to cup your hands and start imagining a ball of energy. Move your hands like your forming a clay ball slowly moving your hands out as the ball grows. Further apart and allow the ball to become two balls and as your separate your hands you have a ball of energy in each hand. Now, bring each hand up to your jaw bone right near your ear, 3 or 4 inches away. I like to bring them down slightly and move them slowly around and feel the energy in my jaw as it relaxes. Keep your lips together but your teeth apart. You can hold it here for a while or move it around to the back of your neck and give yourself an energetic neck massage.

Now, what the heck is going on here? If you have experienced what I hope you have you have enjoyed the spectacular energy your body has to offer. If you haven’t, you may not have the belief for it yet, or you may need some more persuasion.

There are many, many mysterious things in this wonderfully created Universe. Vibrational energy and being able to experience are just the tip of the iceberg. I hope you have enjoyed the energy and keep coming back here. I also hope you are intrigued enough to want to know more about this awesome Universe.

I believe some types of Energy Healing are beneficial for emergency situations and are particularly good for long term stress relief. If we experience post Rule of Law or other wide spread disastrous times, some Energy Healing technique may be life saving.





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  1. Liliam on October 31, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    If time is money you’ve made me a wealtiher woman.

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