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Solar Cookers

July 10, 2012

One of the things I believe everyone should own is a solar cooker. I have several and have plans to own several others. There is a great organization that I support and purchase from called Solar Cookers International. They have been very instrumental in helping thousands of people all over the globe to better their living conditions and help improve their quality of life.

I started out buying their Cookit for a whole $25.00

I was so impressed I had to know more. The more I saw what they did with these Cookits and other products the more I like them. I have since purchased the AquaPak, more Cookits, a seperate Water Pasteurization Indicator or WAPI, and a couple of things that aren’t currently on their web site.

These WAPI’s are great. Disease-causing organisms in water are killed by exposure to heat in the pasteurization process. Water heated to 65°C (149°F) for a short period of time is free from microbes, including E. coli, Rotaviruses, Giardia and the Hepatitis A virus. The Solar Cookers International new and improved WAPI contains a heat specific soy wax that helps you determine when water has reached pasteurization temperatures. It has a tough stainless steel cable and brass end caps that are designed to withstand high heat which means they won’t melt when used over an open flame. This feature makes the WAPI especially valuable when used over an open fire, like camping or in situations where solar cooking is not an option. It’s a very cool device and face it, if it comes to where we are having to pasteurize all of our water, it could come in handy.

Check out Solar Cookers International, you could be glad you did someday.


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This is another way to Prepare.

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