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Yeah, I still wear a watch!

July 9, 2012

Yeah, I still wear a watch. I know, call me old fashioned. But, wait a minute. Let’s talk about time in a post SitX (Situation X) world. If we were to be hit with a EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) and all microprocessors were rendered useless, how would time be kept? Most of our watches are digital – gone! Cell phones – gone! Digital radio alarm clock – gone! Car radio clock – gone! Possibly even battery run clock, if the EMP was a bad one – gone! Nearly all the old clock towers are gone.
So, the only clocks we would have would be wind up, old fashioned pendulum and the like. Do you have an old cuckoo clock or a grandfather clock?  Many of them, unless they are antique, run on batteries. Would time stop, ha ha, No! We would adapt but time may be kept by official time-keepers again as in days of old. Much of that old technology would have to be brought back or re-invented because so much has been lost.

Now consider this. Most agree small communities would band together to protect themselves and they would have to establish an armed watch. How is that armed watch going to know what time it is? I say all that to say this, maybe we should prepare to keep time in a post electronic world.

Some clocks should be protected by your Faraday cage. Battery operated should be fine after the electromagnetic storm is over. It is possible that it could be a solar event and could happen again at least once after the first time. So, when would you bring your stuff out of the Faraday cage?

I think the safest sure bet for most people is going to be a wind up clock. Or, several wind up clocks. Remember pocket watches, those might be good too. Are you preparing for your community? Maybe a dozen wind up clocks and a dozen pocket watches to make sure all the guards have a way to keep time when they need it.

I know my watch would be dead in this SitX too. I’d miss it.