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Grounded and Unbounded

July 3, 2012

We live in a very mysterious world. Whether you have allowed yourself to experience many of the mysterious aspects of this wonderful world has a lot to do with how you were raised, your belief system and your personal acceptance of possibly bazaar and unexplainable phenomena.

We live on a magnetic planet. That magnetism is permeated through and around our physical form. We are affected by this magnetism as well as other energetic properties always in place on the Earth. This is fact. Where we go with this knowledge and how we respond to those energies is choice, to a point. We can’t deny gravity though we have learned to defy it.

One of the remarkable things I love to experience is a physical grounding to the Earth. This seems to align my internal bodily energies and can be quite a spiritual experience. I do this by simply being barefoot on the Earth and setting my intention to be connected with it. The technique I like to use is imagining roots growing down from my feet quickly and deep, down toward the center of the Earth. Once the have grown and find a rock or place to wrap around I imagine the energy flowing from the Earth up and through my body. I like to allow several minutes for this process to ground me and the energies to balance. Sometimes I can only do it for seconds and it is enough.

Grounding in this way is a wonderful experience and can unleash an unbounded energy within that may be something that you have been missing. The science behind grounding or Earthing as some call it has been catching up with the Mystic world and proving the profound effects being ground can have. Reconnecting to the Earth’s energy is often as simple as walking barefoot in a luscious soft grass or on a sandy beach. Try it, you may like it.

For more information of Grounding or Earthing, Google it or see some of these site.



Disclaimer: I am not connected to any of the above web sites and may or may not agree with their personal philosophies or theories. I offer them as informational sources only.