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Humble Beginings

July 2, 2012

My plans for this site are simply to provide content, advice, and perspective that may not be provided elsewhere. I’m just getting started. Prepping Body, Mind and Spirit.

I personally struggle with the issue of FEAR. When I speak with others about prepping I try to be cautious about instilling fear in them. When I think of the far reaching possibilities of what we may be preparing for I find myself repeating, “Fear Not.” Perhaps the largest obstacle in the prepper community is to do what we do without fear overwhelming us. Thinking further, if we are doing our preparing “in fear” then it could be all wrong. Sure, a little bit of fear can be a strong motivator, but preparing simply for the sake of fear can be a detriment to our overall well-being.

I challenge you to look for those spots in your life that are fear induced or fear motivated. Re-examine them and let go of the fear. Talk to it if you need to. “I refuse to do this out of fear. I choose to do this in wisdom and guidance from the real me.” It may take asking yourself questions like, “why am I really doing this,” or “why do I do the things I do?” Self examination is good. Be real with yourself and perhaps you will find new meaning in what you do. Remember though, you are not what you do but you are who you are. You are not a human do-ing, you are a human be-ing. So Be!

Fear not!

May the Source be with You!